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The World’s First Guideline-Based Segmentation Solution

MVision AI GBS™ solution is the world’s first comprehensive solution for radiotherapy AI contouring. It enables automation, contour comparison and continuous education for the introduction of AI contouring into your department.




Guideline-Based AI Segmentation
Automatically generates contours, directing clinics’ contouring practices towards industry standards.


Enabling Excellence in Education Empowers your team to thoroughly review AI-generated contours to be in line with guidelines.


Building Trust in AI
Compares the user or AI-generated structures vs. selected reference structures and calculates similarity metrics.

MVision AI GBS™ Solution is the answer to all clinical needs in radiotherapy contouring, from comparison and calculation of similarities (Verify) to AI-based automation and standardization (Contour+) to leveraging contouring guideline know-how of the radiotherapy experts (Guide).

Experience Contour+ Models

Select the model from the top navigation menu and scroll through models.



Comprehensive library

A high-quality library of guideline-compliant reference training material is available. The reference library contains manually contoured scans for all anatomical sites, which are peer-reviewed for all ROIs.

Peer-reviewed scans

Library includes: CT scans for Brain, Head and Neck, Thorax, Abdomen, Male Pelvis, Female Pelvis, MRI scans for Male Pelvis T2, T1-Dixon weighted images and Brain T1 weighted 3D images.

Uncovers errors and deviations

Supports the use of Contour+ by increasing clinician sensitivity to detect auto-segmentation errors and deviations from those described in guidelines.

Encourages contouring consensus

Has the potential to further increase in-house user consensus and guideline compliance, as well as decrease contouring variation.

MVision Guide enables the experts to be prepared to review and accept the AI-generated contouring results.



Visualize and quantify

Users can compare any contouring result by visualizing the differences and calculating similarity metrics against selected reference contours, including Dice score and Hausdorff distance.

MVision Verify allows visual and volumetric comparison of contours, aiding clinics to observe similarities and differences. Easily compare the user or AI-generated structures vs. verified reference structures and calculate comparison metrics.

Where We are in Worldwide

We have currently handled over 200,000 scans globally, with more than 100,000 scans processed in the past 12 months.

Clinics in 17 countries use the GBS™ solution to enhance their radiation oncology treatment planning process.

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