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Training platform to improve your expertise

MVision Guide provides a comprehensive solution designed for Radiation Therapy professionals to enhance their contouring skills while ensuring compliance with international standards.

With our user-friendly web interface clinicians can refine and assess their contouring proficiency. Our platform offers a comprehensive library of peer-reviewed and expert verified reference scans, providing valuable support in task creation.

Guide offers a streamlined workflow with two distinct user roles: the Supervisor role enables users to create, modify, and evaluate contouring assignments, while the Trainee role allows users to complete tasks assigned
by the supervisor(s).

In addition to its training role, the expertise acquired through our platform becomes an invaluable asset when reviewing AI-generated auto-contouring results.


Comprehensive library

A high-quality library of guideline-compliant reference training material is available. The reference library contains manually contoured scans for all anatomical sites, which are peer-reviewed for all ROIs.

Peer-reviewed, complex scans

Library includes: CT scans for Brain, Head and Neck, Thorax, Abdomen, Male Pelvis, Female Pelvis, MRI scans for Male Pelvis T2, T1-Dixon weighted images and Brain T1 weighted 3D images.

Uncovers errors and deviations

Supports the use of Contour+ by increasing clinician sensitivity to detect auto-segmentation errors and deviations from those described in guidelines.

Encourages contouring consensus

Has the potential to further increase in-house user consensus and guideline compliance, as well as decrease contouring variation.


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