MVision AI is proud to announce the installation of its Contour+ at Nemocnica Bory Hospital in Slovakia

HELSINKI, Finland – October 27, 2023

MVision AI has been chosen as the preferred provider of an auto-contouring solution (Contour+) for the radiation therapy department, under the leadership of MUDr. Margita Pobijáková, PhD. Additionally, the company is an integral part of the Oncology program, alongside Elekta Linac and the first CyberKnife in Slovakia.

The Nemocnica Bory Hospital in Bratislava is a next-generation healthcare facility. This unique hospital in Slovakia specializes in treating patients with the most complex medical needs. The hospital employs world-class staff and utilizes state-of-the-art technology. At Hospital Bory, patient safety and comfort are top priorities.

We align with the hospital’s fundamental principle of ‘Patients First,’ where the primary focus is on the well-being of patients and ensuring they receive the fastest and most accurate cancer treatment possible. Furthermore, we recognize the value that Contour+ brings to the radiation therapy department, lightening the workload and providing artificial intelligence as a daily assistant in the process of cancer treatment planning“, says Szilard Madari, MVision AI Adviser in Slovakia.

The new Nemocnica Bory Hospital in Bratislava was designed for Penta Hospitals International, the biggest international chain of hospitals and outpatient clinics in the Central and Eastern Europe. The chain comprises 34 hospitals and 31 outpatient clinics, as well as 26 facilities for long-term ill patients located in Czechia, Poland and Slovakia.

We are thrilled to join forces with the Nemocnica Bori Hospital in Bratislava. It is very important for us in Mvision AI to enhance the efficiency of the day to day clinical practice and further support our partners in their journey to provide high quality treatment to cancer patients. Additionally, this new partnership, represents a further and important step in expanding AI supported Guideline Based Segmentation in Eastern Europe“, says Sara La Civita, MVision AI Sales Director in EMEA region.

About Nemocnica Bory Hospital

The new Nemocnica Bory Hospital in Bratislava was designed for Penta Hospitals International, a private care consortium that operates in Central and Eastern Europe. The 43,000 m² hospital with 400 beds and 14 hypermodern operating rooms will be one of the most efficient hospitals in Europe. It is expected to replace some 50 percent of the total number of beds available in Bratislava. This patient-friendly regional hospital brings healthcare in Slovakia to another level.

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