The world’s first comprehensive GBS™ solution for radiation therapy cancer treatment is now available for implementation in Canadian clinics

HELSINKI, Finland – January 22, 2024

MVision AI announces first Health Canada Medical Device License for MVision AI Segmentation (Contour+).  In conjunction with Guide and Verify, Contour+ stands as a unique solution covering all the essential needs of radiotherapy departments, offering a more comprehensive approach to staff training and patient treatment plans.

According to the ‘Canadian Cancer Statistics Dashboard’, cancer mortality in 2023 accounted for 86,700 individuals (22% of the total population). Leading causes of mortality included Lung and Bronchus cancer (24%), Colorectal cancer (11%), Breast cancer (6%), and Pancreas cancer (7%)[1].

The Contour+ Thorax and Abdomen model boast 38 structures suitable for treatment planning across various cancers, including Lung cancer. Whether employing 3D CRT, VMAT, IMRT, or SABR/SBRT, the model provides necessary OARs, offering versatility to increase standardization, save time, and provide valuable support to the radiotherapy team.

MVision AI’s Breast cancer models have undergone evaluation in independent studies, showcasing excellent results [2-7]. Time-saving reached a median of 48% and a maximum of 63% in the study by Strolin et al., with an average satisfaction score of 4.45 out of 5 [2]. Implementation of MVision Contour+ enabled doctors in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom, to replace traditional field-based target structures with the Segmental Multi Leaf Collimator breast planning technique and a newly introduced VMAT technique for Internal Mammary Node positive disease. Over two-thirds of the AI-based predicted contours required no edits or only minor adjustments [4].

MVision AI is excited to receive approval from Health Canada to expand Contour+, which automates the majority of contouring tasks in treatment planning, resulting in time savings of up to 95% [8]. These efficiencies benefit clinical teams and enhance operational efficiency in resource-constrained departments, leading to reduced patient waiting times for treatment initiation, as evidenced by our customers (from 9 days to 6 days),” states Jarkko Niemelä, MVision AI CEO and Co-founder.

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[1] – Canadian Cancer Statistics Dashboard (CCSD) 

[2]Strolin S, Santoro M, Paolani G, et al. How smart is artificial intelligence in organs delineation? Testing a CE and FDA-approved Deep-Learning tool using multiple expert contours delineated on planning CT images. Front Oncol. 2023;13:1089807. Published 2023 Mar 2. doi:10.3389/fonc.2023.1089807

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