Personalised AI radiotherapy ROIs at your fingertips

MVision’s configuration solution (ConfigUI) introduces advanced region of interest (ROI) operations and smart post-processing options to support multiple clinical scenarios and complex treatment planning workflows.

MVision Contour+ offers an impressive number of structures (more than 270), based on organs or anatomically defined regions, such as lymph node levels. However, we acknowledge that clinical practice requires more than excellent quality “building blocks” to create highly customized volumes. As a result, we created the possibility that MVision users optimize their workflow even further, reducing the manual input for creating new structures, starting from those we provide.

Once configured, the desired structures will be automatically delivered for each case. Insertion of a short command is needed during this simple process, and we are here to assist you if you need advice or support.

Combining separate structures

You might want to 

  • treat breast or chest wall and certain regional nodes, or prostate and seminal vesicles and lymph nodes;
  • evaluate the received dose for the whole lung, both kidneys or both parotid glands, so a new structure can be obtained by merging the chosen volumes.


What about finding the dose received by the walls of the rectum or bladder? Doable!

The skin can be also created as a separate structure starting from the body contour. Deleting every Nth slice is possible, if you want to quickly adjust the volumes. Corrections are made on a few slices only, that can be interpolated in a second step.


Symmetric expansions like the PRV, for the spinal canal can be easily set.
Asymmetric expansions can be also configured.

  • Breast volumes adding a 7mm margin while avoiding skin, heart and lung with 2 mm is just an example;
  • Prostate volumes made by asymmetric expansion of prostate and seminal vesicles can include 7mm in all directions, except 5 mm posterior.

You can also change the numeric values, according to your preference. Automatically creating virtual bolus for breast cancer treatment is one of the most popular features.

Detecting bony volumes

Automatically detecting pelvic or head and neck bones, all ribs or just unilateral ones, and delivering them as individual volumes, is another useful possibility. They can be used as surrogates for bone marrow or OAR for SBRT.

High density material detection

Implantable devices such as hip prosthesis, dental implants or pacemakers can be identified and automatically contoured. Additionally, small volumes like fiducial implants or wires are detected and isolated. Couch removal is a practical feature that can save a lot of time.

Custom avoidance regions

Plan optimization process requires additional volumes, especially in the context of the low dose bath and high doses per fraction. In the high-precision planning of head and neck cancers some structures are highly valuable to avoid long-term side effects: constrictor muscles (as separate structures), face, larynx box, neck midline, posterior neck and shoulder. They recently became available, thanks to our dedicated team.

Back is another custom structure that can be used for breast cancer plan optimization.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback about our currently available options and suggestions for new ones. In conclusion, you can benefit from this feature to create automated:
volume expansion with customizable margins and organ avoidance
derived ROI for inverse planning optimization strategy or to follow clinical landmarks
ROI combination or wall extraction for DVH analysis and clinical goals evaluation

Users have now the possibility to perform powerful post-processing operations including:
– boolean operators
– customizable smoothing
– small contours removal in 2D or 3D and holes filling
Keep largest 3D components

MVision is constantly improving its solutions and creating new features that you can use in daily clinical practice. Follow us and feel free to reach out if you need more information on how you can use our products.

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