Press Release: MVision AI launches Contour+ auto-contouring to facilitate standardization and shorten time to treatment for cancer radiotherapy

HELSINKI, Finland – August 24, 2023

MVision AI is proud to announce the new software release version 1.2.4 of its guideline-based automatic segmentation service. Along with new contouring models and advanced Region-Of-Interest (ROI) operations, MVision AI’s outstanding contouring product is being rebranded. The introduction of Contour+ extends clinical applications and elevates contouring accuracy and standardization to the next level.

Contour+ is an integral component of MVision’s Guideline-Based Segmentation (GBS™) platform. GBS™ is a comprehensive solution delivering automation, verification and continuous education for the introduction of AI contouring into your department. Contour+ provides a multitude of advantages, including:

  • Delivering best practice and compliance by following industry standard contouring guidelines;
  • Contour+ AI models are trained using radiation oncologist peer-reviewed, consistent guideline-based contours;
  • Conformance to industry standard contouring guidelines, including ESTRO, EPTN, RTOG, and the UK SABR Consortium, with eight additional guidelines;
  • Allows for standardized contouring required in clinical trials and cancer research;
  • The ability to contour over 250 ROIs, including 60+ lymph node volumes;
  • Seamless integration with your existing RT infrastructure;
  • A reduction of up to 95% in contouring time per patient;
  • Driving a 20% enhancement in contouring consistency across your clinical team, while guiding towards the correct standardization;
  • Compliance with GDPR and HIPAA regulations;
  • Product is CE marked and FDA 510(K)* cleared. QMS for manufacturing the device is ISO 13485 and MDSAP certified.

*New models and existing model updates not available yet in the US market

Contour+ has been extensively updated with new powerful models to serve the clinical needs:

  • MVision AI customers will benefit from the new male pelvis T2 MR model supporting MR-only clinical workflow and MR-based contouring and planning;
  • Brain T1 MR model has been enhanced with new scanner data for performance improvement and  to be a comprehensive solution for MR-based contouring;
  • Abdomen and breast models have also been updated to include heart sub-structures for cardiac toxicity assessment or personalized plan optimization. RTOG & RADCOMP guideline style for breasts and lymph nodes is also added;
  • A new faster whole body model is now available to boost contouring speed for patients being treated for multiple localizations;
  • Female pelvis model performance has been improved and further developed to include the lymph node volumes and other clinically meaningful structures to support clinicians with their target contouring;
  • A new bone CT model contouring independent vertebrae and ribs is also now available, extending its SBRT application and supporting the needs of efficient workflows in palliative radiotherapy care.

Contour+ has an innovative industry standard compliant AI development process that follows international consensus contouring guidelines, including those approved by ESTRO, EPTN, RTOG, and the UK SABR Consortium, to name a few.

“Contour+ has transformed the field of radiation therapy by introducing cutting-edge, precise organs-at-risk and lymph node contouring. This innovation has received excellent reviews from radiotherapy specialists worldwide. Studies have shown that it significantly decreases manual contouring time while also standardises contouring practices between all users. Contour+ v. 1.2.4 includes a range of new structures and models that we are thrilled to announce.” says Jani Pehkonen, GBS™ Product Owner.

MVision AI’s mission is to develop responsible AI tools that support and optimize efficiencies for radiotherapy departments and their clinical teams by providing state-of-the-art guideline-based AI contouring that are easily customizable and integrable within their existing workflows.

MVision AI has an extremely dedicated team ensuring the company delivers  the highest quality products in a timely manner. The first product to be relaunched is Contour+, as clinics worldwide require the best standardized treatment to their patients. Actually, the use of artificial intelligence in the EU will be regulated by the AI Act, the world’s first comprehensive AI law. What parliament wants in AI legislation is that AI systems should be overseen by people, rather than by automation, to prevent harmful outcomesÂą. In the near future, we will unveil innovative products serving this need, including tools designed for clinicians to verify the AI contouring performance, and to elevate clinician contouring guideline knowhow. Collectively, these products will offer a revolutionary, comprehensive contouring workflow. The GBS™ solution  has the potential to elevate your clinic cancer radiotherapy planning quality and efficiency to a new level, while facilitating readiness to future AI acts,” says Jarkko Niemelä, CEO and Co-founder.

About MVision AI 

MVision AI is a pioneering, cloud-based software service provider for precision radiotherapy treatment planning. The AI-powered segmentation tool helps to standardize contouring and automate it to streamline the radiotherapy treatment planning workflow. Our deep learning models produce consistent automated contouring in minutes instead of hours of manual work, while maintaining the highest standards of quality for every patient, every time. MVision AI’s Contour+ has been used for treating more than 170,000 cancer patients in 16 countries.

MVision AI was co-founded by Jarkko Niemelä, Saad Ullah Akram and Mahmudul Hasan in 2017. The company has since grown into an elite team of 30+ dedicated professionals with extensive backgrounds in the medical industry and AI research and by the conclusion of 2022, the company raised 5.4 million euros in Post Seed financing to accelerate market adoption of our unique value proposition as well as to drive future innovation².

MVision at Linkedin

MVision Press Kit

ÂąEuropean Parliament – EU AI Act: first regulation on artificial intelligence

²MVision AI – Press Release: MVision AI raises 5.4M€ to make same-day cancer treatment the new standard

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