Clinical User Experience with MVision AI

This is a webinar that you don’t want to miss! You’ll hear from an actual user and their clinical experience with MVision’s AI-powered software. Please join us as our guest speaker, Ryan Schurr from UMC in Lubbock, Texas, presents his experience with MVision AI and how MVision enhanced UMC’s auto-contouring success and statistics. Mr. Schurr will also speak about the positive impact MVision had on UMC’s planning timeline, and wrap up with products in development. Discover how MVision AI’s cutting-edge solutions can help you to increase the overall quality and reliability of patient treatment plans while significantly reducing manual work time.

At MVision AI, we believe that AI has the potential to transform radiotherapy and empower clinicians to make better decisions. By integrating seamlessly into existing clinical workflows, our AI-powered solutions provide clinicians with valuable insights that enable faster, more accurate and more streamlined radiotherapy treatment planning. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn from a user and discover for yourself how MVision AI’s HIPAA-compliant, high-quality solutions can help you to gain more contouring confidence and ultimately provide better care for your patients.

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