Dharanipathy Rangaraj Appointed as CEO of MVision AI

Helsinki, Uusimaa – April 29, 2024 – MVision AI, a pioneering company in developing innovative AI solutions in the radiation oncology & imaging space, proudly announces the appointment of Dharanipathy Rangaraj as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

In his new capacity as CEO of MVision AI, Dharani will spearhead the company’s mission of developing innovative AI solutions with the collaborative intelligence of humans and AI. MVision AI is actively gearing up to introduce technologies to revolutionize the field. MVision AI’s flagship product, Contour+, has already made significant strides in streamlining radiotherapy treatment planning workflows and has been utilized in treating over 200,000 cancer patients across 19 countries.

Commenting on this appointment, Mahmudul Hasan, Co-Founder & Executive Director, remarked, “Dharani brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role at MVision AI. With a track record of driving over hundred million in commercialization and customer acquisition across various sectors including Medical Physics, Medical Devices, and Oncology Product Development, Dharani is primed to lead MVision AI into its next phase of growth and innovation.

Jarkko Niemelä, Co-Founder & President added, “Dharani’s proven track record in this field will undoubtedly propel our efforts forward.” Reiterating the importance of expertise in radiation oncology, Jarkko highlighted, “Our solutions are built with innovative, transformational and responsible AI to address inconsistencies in radiation oncology, which often may lead to delays in patient care. Dharani’s appointment addresses the ambitions of scaling the company to new heights which requires proven expertise in radiation oncology to drive continued growth”.

Dharani expressed his excitement to lead MVision AI into its next phase of growth, stating, “I am deeply honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the talented team at MVision AI. While based out of our office in Austin, Texas, USA, I am committed to leading our global team as we harness our collective expertise and cutting-edge technology to develop innovative AI solutions that not only optimize patient care in radiotherapy but also make a profound impact in the fight against cancer.

Before joining MVision AI, Dharani directed strategic initiatives at Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company where he led efforts that resulted in the scaling of the clinical service business by 4x. He achieved this by establishing long-term multiyear engagements with large oncology networks, showcasing his strategic acumen and leadership prowess. These endeavors included identifying and pursuing strategic acquisitions and fostering organic growth within the company. As a serial entrepreneur, Dharani founded Crux Quality Solutions, a technology-enabled clinical services company, which played a pivotal role in contributing to Varian’s growth trajectory upon its successful acquisition by CTSI. His innovative approach to integrating technology and services consistently delivered positive outcomes, driving business scalability and market expansion.

MVision AI looks forward to the leadership and vision that Dharanipathy Rangaraj brings to the company as it continues to revolutionize the field of radiotherapy and medical imaging.

For more information about MVision AI and its innovative solutions, visit www.mvision.ai.

Media Contact:
Sakthy Edamaruku
Communication Specialist
MVision AI

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MVision AI is your trusted partner in healthcare innovation! MVision AI is an innovative software service provider for radiotherapy treatment planning and Imaging. Our AI-powered automatic segmentation tool, Contour+, helps to standardize contouring and automate segmentation to streamline the radiotherapy treatment planning workflow. We are a team of experienced professionals committed to revolutionizing the cancer care industry through the application of cutting-edge AI technology. At MVision AI, we understand the challenges faced by healthcare providers in delivering accurate, timely, and efficient cancer care to patients. That’s why we are developing a suite of AI-powered solutions that can help streamline radiation therapy workflows, enable treatment quality and lead to standardization.

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