MVision AI receives TGA approval and market authorization for Australia

HELSINKI, Finland – May 1, 2024

An application for MVision AI Segmentation (Contour+) has been submitted and accepted by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) under the “Image Segmentation Application Software” for image analysis algorithms to be used in radiation therapy treatment planning workflows.

Contour+ accelerates the contouring process, provides guidance toward standardization, enhances consistency, and saves time, as confirmed by independent evaluations [1-3] and customer experiences [4]. We have designed Contour+ to steer the clinic’s contouring practice towards consensus and compliance with guidelines.

According to the AIHW report, in 2023 it is estimated that around 165,000 cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia. This represents an 88% increase in just over 20 years. The annual number of cancer cases diagnosed is expected to surpass 200,000 by 2033. This underscores the importance of radiation therapy departments being prepared to deliver personalized and prompt cancer treatment [5].

MVision AI’s comprehensive GBS™ solution enhances Radiation Oncology professionals’ expertise in AI contouring together with a robust Return On Investment (ROI) strategy, allowing you to invest in what truly matters for you. The solution contains 3 innovative products – Contour+, Guide and Verify.

“MVision AI and alphaXRT are thrilled to announce our achievement of this milestone. The implementation of our GBS solution will reduce the inherent time burden on Australian oncology departments when undertaking contouring activities. Combined with our training and validation tools, our GBS solution will ensure that clinical teams remain current with contouring best practices, resulting in a standardized approach when delivering their service for their patients; all of which enables a seamless integration of AI contouring into your department. With our TGA and MDSAP, we are entering the Australian market, which is very important and promising for us!”, says Dharanipathy Rangaraj, CEO of MVision AI.

“As Mvision’s distributor for Australia & New Zealand we are delighted that MVision have been granted TGA approval. Since first meeting MVision in 2022 we have been eager to bring their outstanding Guideline-based (GBS) AI contouring technology to our region. Mvision’s GBS technology really is a win-win solution: it is a significant time saver for radiation oncology professionals, and at the same time improves and standardizes contouring practice in the department.” says Nigel Attwood, CEO of alphaXRT.

For more information on Contour+ and our comprehensive GBS™ solution, please visit or contact us at

[1] – MVision AI Contour+ (Guideline-Based AI Segmentation): highlights from an independent validation study using a comprehensive and curated data set
[2] – Research Results of MVision AI Contour+ Models’ Clinical Evaluation
[3] – NCCC Evaluation of MVision AI contouring software
[4] – The voice of customer experience: Dr. Giuseppe Sasso, New Zealand
[5] Australian Institute of health and Welfare – Overview of cancer in Australia, 2023

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