MVision: 2022 year in review

2022 came to an end. Seeing our names of customers, the number of scans and countries marked on the map, we know, we reached our accomplishments for 2022, because of uniqueness of our solution, the trust of our customers and the commitment of our team.

Stepping into the year 2023, we hope to enjoy more of success and share it with all our clients who have firmly believed in our abilities and encouraged us to continually challenge ourselves and increase our boundaries. Looking back, 2022 helped us grow to new heights. The outcome clearly shows that we were able to achieve even more than what we aimed for!

Main achievements of MVision 2022

MVision started US operations and gained high-level professionals as the US team. We received FDA 510(k) Clearance to provide our guideline-based segmentation solution to clinics in the US. We took part in ASTRO 2022 and were impressed by the interest of the leading minds in radiotherapy with the company MVision AI powered solution. This year we equipped 3 demo stations and also hosted presentations with the very special speaker – Dr. Ramzi Abdulrahman, MD, who has benefitted from the GBS™ solution : “The smoothness and quality of MVision’s contouring solution is simply unmatched. It is truly exciting to see an application of AI (finally) making a tangible contribution to our shared goal of clinical excellence in radiation oncology”.

We have signed a new Distribution partnership agreement with Tecnosan, advanced healthcare technology for radiotherapy and medical physics supplier in Italy. Both companies will closely cooperate on current and future projects to innovate medical solutions and services to improve outcomes for patients and healthcare providers all over Italy by providing high-quality, innovative, patient-centric radiotherapy solutions.

MVision announced the collaboration with EduCase, RadOnc eLearning Center, LLC. the global leader in web-based education designed to support contouring skill instructions for radiation oncologists.

Special gratitude to our distributors, customers and the team

A lot of support has been provided by our distributors who have relentlessly contributed to our journey and helped us by letting more people know the benefit of using GBS™ solution. We take this chance to also extend our gratitude towards our customers who, being innovators, always choose the best.

The warmest and most special thanks to our team of professionals, who have passionately worked with the highest standards of dedication, punctuality, and reliability.

By the end of the year, when the list of professionals, using our AI contouring software, has grown considerably, the company team took part at MVision AI User Group Meeting, organized by Xiel Ltd, our UK distributor. The event attracted so much attention and again we were happy to get impressive testimonials.

MVision also expanded the service to new countries outside of the EU and the US. In 2022 the company increased its turnover 3 times – and that is no coincidence!  AI is still gaining ground in the field of radiation oncology, and it means we have an ample room for the activities.

As Head of Radiotherapy Department, Riviera Chablais Hospital, Switzerland, Marc Pachoud stated: “We have a great improvement of our clinical workflow. We have gained one day just using MVision AI for which we don’t need any more staff, it was four hours of work to contour, now it is ten minutes”.

What is ahead?

MVision starts to operate on Asian, South America and Oceania market soon.

We understand well our сustomer’s wishes and carefully consider them in product development. Thus, the company works on developing a deep learning (DL)-based Synthetic image creation product and Dose prediction solution for Radiotherapy planning. It will help streamlining complex problems including the determination of optimal dose distribution for each patient, while increasing the plan quality.

MVision never backs away from the Mission – to improve the quality of life for cancer patients – and our team grows fast for achieving this goal, so 2023 we are going to welcome new MVisionaries!

Well, 2023 promises to be another breakthrough year for us and we are ready for all those challenges. Join us in our mission to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and workflow of Radiotherapy. Now we are excited to come back to work as already the beginning of 2023 ready to present updates and new solutions.

Stay tuned and see you soon!

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