MVision AI Announces Partnership with Medron Medical Systems (Canada)

HELSINKI, Finland – January 22, 2024

MVision AI, a premier software service provider of GBS™ (Guideline-Based Segmentation) solution for same-day radiotherapy treatment planning, proudly announces a new distribution partnership with Medron Medical Systems, a leading health equipment provider in Canada. This collaboration follows the receipt of Medical Device License (MDL) approval from Health Canada.

The collaboration authorizes Medron Medical Systems to distribute MVision AI’s products and services throughout Canada.

Ronald Wallace, President of Medron Medical Systems Inc., commented on the evolving landscape of radiation oncology, stating, “Innovation and the introduction of new modalities in radiation oncology have changed the landscape in how Radiation Therapy is delivered. The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in treatment planning is the beginning of a new era that will assist clinicians to offer unprecedented precision and personalized care to patients, marking a significant leap forward in advancing the field of radiation oncology.

With a shared commitment to enhancing oncology departments’ workflow, both companies aim to deliver the world’s first comprehensive solution for AI radiotherapy contouring, comprising three innovative products – Contour+, Guide, and Verify.

Stewart Pegrum, Vice President Global Sales at MVision AI, highlighted the company’s rapid expansion and expressed excitement about initiating this partnership with Medron Medical Systems for Canadian hospitals. He stated, “We are already assisting our customers to fulfill their desires to deliver same day treatment for their patients. I am delighted that in collaboration with Medron, we can now offer this service to the patients of Canada.”

For additional inquiries on Medron Medical System:

Medron Medical Systems Inc. is a Canadian company that specializes in providing quality products and services to healthcare professionals, particularly in the fields of Radiological Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology, and Medical Physics. The company is a leader in the Canadian healthcare sector, offering a range of medical equipment and solutions to healthcare facilities throughout the country​​​​.



Twitter page: @medronmedical

Tel: +1 613-769-3302

Learn more about incorporating MVision AI’s GBS™ solution:

MVision AI is your trusted partner in healthcare innovation! We are a team of experienced professionals committed to revolutionizing the cancer care industry through the application of cutting-edge AI technology. At MVision AI, we understand the challenges faced by healthcare providers in delivering accurate, timely, and efficient cancer care to patients. That’s why we are developing a suite of AI-powered solutions that can help streamline radiation therapy workflows, enable treatment quality and lead to standardization.



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