Guideline-Based Segmentation Solution

For Radiation Therapy

World’s first comprehensive solution for AI radiotherapy contouring

MVision AI GBS™ solution is the world’s first comprehensive solution for radiotherapy AI
contouring. It enables automation, contour comparison and continuous
education for the introduction of AI contouring into your department.

GBS™ solution is the answer to all clinical needs in radiotherapy
contouring, from contour assessment (Verify) to AI-based automation and
standardization through guideline compliance (Contour+) to supporting the
contouring knowhow of the users (Guide).

GBS™ supports professionals with contouring guideline knowhow and
increases the efficiency and reliability of the auto-contouring review process.

Through its involvement in multiple aspects/steps of the contouring process,
GBS™ solution increases consistency between experts, bringing
standardization into clinical practice.

GBS™ Products

The AI-powered GBS™ solution integrates with all treatment planning
systems (TPS). It is a complete solution consisting of three products,
Contour+, Guide, and Verify. GBS™ addresses multiple clinical
needs in CT and MR contouring: automatic segmentation, staff training,
competence testing, and objective structure assessment.


Guideline-Based AI Segmentation
Automatically generates contours, directing clinics’ contouring practices towards industry standards.


Enabling Excellence in Education
Empowers your team to thoroughly review AI-generated contours to be in line with guidelines.


Building Trust in AI
Compares the user or AI-generated structures vs. selected reference structures and calculates similarity metrics.


Improvement in contouring consistency

The auto-contouring algorithm has been trained to delineate according to international guidelines. Thus, it guides towards standardization and decreases user-dependent variations which helps create more consistent contours.

Up to 95% Reduction in manual work

Fully automated 3D organ models are created in minutes, as opposed to hours of manual work. This allows users to focus more on individualized patient treatment and utilize limited resources better.

Same day treatment

Cloud-based AI models seamlessly integrate with treatment planning systems enabling the implementation of same-day treatments. Now users can decrease patient waiting times while providing faster, more consistent treatment plans.

Adheres to international consensus guidelines

GBS™ follows 18+ official contouring guidelines, approved by ESTRO, EPTN, UK SABR Consortium, and RTOG. Clinics are guided towards standardized contouring and clinical protocols that align with these international guidelines.

GDPR & HIPAA Compliant Workflow

Security is built into the software.

All images are pseudo-anonymised and delivered to the MVision AI cloud only to generate the contouring results. Data is uploaded to the cloud through an encrypted connection to be processed by the AI algorithm. Once the organs are auto-segmented, the data is sent back to the clinic via the same encryption/decryption process. Received data is deleted from the cloud server after 24 hours. The whole process including uploading, processing, and receiving results takes only a few minutes, automatically in the background.

How does it work?

CT/MRI scans are sent encrypted and anonymized to the MVision AI cloud with just a click. An AI algorithm draws the 3D models of the organs and returns the data to the clinic.

This happens as an automated background process. Software is HIPAA and GDPR – compliant. Safety by design is a core principle of the software. 


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