Improving Tools to Fight Glioblastoma

 Background Glioblastoma multiforme represents approximately half of the cases of central nervous system malignant tumors. The median age at diagnosis is 64 years, and the incidence was reported to be approximately 3 cases in 100 000 people. Genetic conditions, such as Li Fraumeni and Lynch Syndrome,  are associated with a…



RT for Prostate Cancer: Faster and Better – Is it Possible?

Background Worldwide, more than 1 400 000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2020, and it is estimated that one third will need radiotherapy during their treatment. (more…)



Outcomes of SABR for Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common types of cancer diagnosed in the UK. About 41,000 people get cancer in the large bowel each year in the UK. In 2020, the WHO reported that colorectal cancer accounted for 10% of the cancers diagnosed annually. (Global Cancer Observatory) This…



New Year, New Patient Backlog: RT in the UK

In 2021, reports showed that cancer patients wait up to 62 days for the first dose of radiotherapy treatment in the UK. The numbers of cancer patients facing these delays have hit record highs over the last year. Just last month, NHS Wales reported that numbers on waiting lists for…



AI in RT 101: Prone Position

We are here to explore topics around AI in radiotherapy, share practical tips, and address questions as well as biases we with our partners come across in our daily work.  Prone position is a body position where one is lying down on the stomach with the chest down and back…



AI in RT – Reading Package

The holiday season is a time of recharging, reflecting, and often also reading. Since our hearts pump for improving radiotherapy with AI throughout the year, our holiday readings also include a paper or two on the topic. As a gift to you, we have put together a little list of…


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