Guideline-Based Radiotherapy Auto-Segmentation Services in Switzerland

During 2020, there were over 60,000 new cancer cases and over 19,000 cancer-related deaths in Switzerland. In fact, Switzerland’s Federal Statistics Office found that, “more than one in five persons develops cancer before the age of 70.” The rates of ovarian cancer in the Swiss population have been increasing. A 2018 study assessed the ovarian cancer changes in the past decade using a retrospective analysis of hospital registries. The study found that the average age-adjusted incidence rate of ovarian cancer in Switzerland was 14.6 per 100,000. That rate was 35% higher than previous estimates conducted by National Institute for Cancer Epidemiology and Registration (NICER). 

Quality and excellence 

With facts like these, it is clear that there is a need for premium cancer care is a pressing issue in Switzerland. Swiss quality standards are respected and world renowned. MVision AI is trusted by Swiss healthcare workers and distributors. We are particularly excited about our recent partnership, with Swiss distributor, intellimed. Intellimed provides advice and support for numerous medical centers, radiology services, private clinics, and public hospitals. We are happy to work with intellimed to offer, promote, sell, and support the MVision solutions. 

MVision provides exceptional AI-driven auto-segmentation services, bringing AI to radiotherapy treatment and cancer care. MVision’s services are guideline-based We  follow official consensus guidelines to help increase the reliability of contours. MVision’s segmentation services are CE marked. Our deep learning model produces consistent contouring in minutes while maintaining the highest standards of quality for every patient.

GDPR and security

MVision AI’s services are not only superb, but also transparent, protected, and confidential. MVision prioritises protecting the patients and medical practitioner’s privacy. All data is erased and no personal information on patients is collected. Our local servers and cloud-based systems ensure data loss prevention. Since our founding in 2017, MVision has followed both local and GDPR guidelines. Furthermore, MVision complies with both general and cloud security regulations.  

Hôpital de La Tour

MVision AI is glad to announce that Hôpital de La Tour is using our services by the agency of intellimed. Hôpital de La Tour is a private, Swiss hospital, located in Meyrin. The Hôpital de La Tour team works together to reach a common goal of restoring the best quality of life possible to all patients. In order to achieve this, they take measures to continuously improve their unwavering pursuit of medical excellence with  competent physicians and medical staff, and a facility equipped with the latest technology. 

Hôpital de La Tour (Geneva), the largest private institution of the french-speaking part of Switzerland, chose MVision AI’s automatic segmentation service to speed up treatment plan generation and boost contouring quality.

Hôpital de La Tour
Photo Credit: Hôpital de La Tour’s Facebook 

Running a young and fast-growing department, the AI-powered MVision automatic contouring service, will help clinicians of the radiation oncology department to keep excellent access to the care for their patients while maintaining a high level treatment quality. Organ-at-risks are generated for every anatomy and sent back to the treatment planning system in less than 3 minutes.

Regarding Hôpital de La Tour (Geneva)’s use of MVision’s services, medical physicist Gregory Bolard said, “We selected MVision because of the astonishing delineation quality and robustness against irregular anatomies. The seamless integration of the product in our existing workflow and software as service were also major advantages”.

Hôpital de La Tour already established three strong cancer programs with an excellent reputation in diagnostic, surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology (head & neck, urology and gynaecology). These treatments typically involve complex anatomies with large volumes to irradiate. The latest MVision prediction models, including lymph nodes (head & neck, pelvis, breast), help radiation oncologists in target definition and ensure consistency across the team.

“We save significant time in target delineation by having the lymph nodes already defined. The high-quality generated contours also bring confidence in plan evaluation, decreasing inter-observer variability in OAR contouring” said Dr. Champion, MD.

The pioneer in the field of MR-only simulation, the radiation oncology department will also benefit from MR-based automatic contouring with the new MR Dixon prediction model. “After acquiring high quality MR datasets, we fill here an important gap with the capability to automatically segment organs. We are proud to bring excellent quality and exhaustive contouring to our patients’ ‘ said M. Bolard. 

MVision looks forward to helping Swiss patients receive premium radiotherapy services.

If you are interested in learning more about MVision AI’s guideline-based and GDPR compliant radiotherapy solutions, visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn

You are more than welcome to contact MVision’s Head of Sales Business Development, EMEA; Dr. Britta Schürmann:

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For further details on including MVision’s services at your Swiss clinic, contact Rachel Unell, Managing Partner at intellimed:


Tel: +41786111012



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