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Helsinki – July 8, 2021 – MVision AI, the cloud-based software service provider for radiotherapy treatment planning, today announces that the company has entered into a distribution partnership agreement with the Swiss provider of products and services for optimization of medical equipment, intellimed. Together, intellimed and MVision AI will work to offer, promote, sell, and support the MVision solutions. Intellimed provides advice and support for numerous medical centers, radiology services, private clinics, and public hospitals. 

“intellimed is committed to work with trustworthy companies that are pioneers in their field. This is why we are proud to be the swiss distributor for the MVision’s automatic segmentation solution in radiotherapy. Our partnership results from a common vision: artificial intelligence supporting doctors in their work by allowing them to gain speed and efficiency on a daily basis. Competence, trust and reactivity are what define the collaboration we have with Mvision and we are looking forward to our future projects,” said intellimeds co-founders, Rachel Unell and Jean-Pierre Van Den Bussche.

Mahmudul Hasan, CEO and co-founder of MVision AI, provided further explanation on the topic, “MVision’s guideline based AI segmentation is helping hospitals all over EU to standardize contouring process, and we are excited to bring this to our Swiss customers with this new partnership with intellimed.” 

Artificial intelligence in medicine is a growing field that is improving the lives of both hospitals and patients worldwide. MVision’s deep learning platform helps provide the best radiotherapy treatment possible with consistent quality contouring. MVision’s AI-powered Saas follows official consensus guidelines, delivers 3D organ models within minutes, and is GDPR compliant. The adept, intellimed offers products and services for a variety of customers who wish to invest in the optimization of their medical equipment and resources. Intellimed team is working closely with MVision AI’s expert team to provide reliable, high-quality and confidential services in the most timely manner to cancer clinics throughout Switzerland. 

For further information on intellimed:


Tel: +41 79 479 62 72


To learn more about MVison AI: 

c/o Terkko Health Hub, Haartmaninkatu 4, 00290 Helsinki, Finland.

Tel: +358 (0) 40 5489 229

Email: info@

For media inquiries:

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