MVision AI obtains a new CE mark: Ultimate segmentation service now with lymph nodes

Less than a year after the CE marking of MVision Segmentation Service 1.1, our team has obtained another one: The state-of-the-art solution is now also available with lymph nodes. With the ability to contour lymph nodes, we enter an era where AI algorithms actually help clinicians in every contouring step of treatment planning.

Our algorithms accurately follow guidelines with lymph nodes making it efficient for clinicians to select the lymph levels to be treated and combine them in their treatment planning system. After reviewing, clinicians can simply apply a margin to create the planning target volume”, explains MVision AI CPO Jarkko Niemelä.

There are approximately 500-600 lymph nodes in a human body. Until now, clinicians have drawn lymph nodes with all lymph levels by hand. Going back and forth drawing and checking dozens of glands in one region, this method can take hours to complete. The risk for inter-observer variation is also high. 

MVision AI Segmentation Service 1.2 produces accurate auto-segmentation of lymph nodes for the pelvis, breast as well as head and neck in minutes. The system is trained to rigorously follow official guidelines. For the male pelvis, there are also two different versions available: pivotal and RTOG. A full list of guidelines in use can be found here. 

Lymph Nodes with Segmentation Service 1.2

The test use of the update has shown tremendous results. A recent study also supports its impact particularly in terms of decreased inter-observer variation with increased efficiency.

“The lymph node release indeed marks a new era, and I am extremely proud of our team for making it happen especially in the middle of the current circumstances“, concludes founder & CEO Mahmudul Hasan

Would you like to see the new update in action? Let us know and we’ll get back to you.

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