Docrates, the Leading Finnish Cancer Center that Enabled the Same-Day Treatment Program with MVision AI

About the client

Docrates is a Finnish private hospital, providing high-quality and prompt cancer care with the latest technologies. Operating for almost 15 years, Docrates’ network of oncological experts has extensive knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of various cancers. Docrates helps over 1500 cancer patients annually. 30% of Docrates’ patients come from places outside of Finland, with patients traveling from over 60 countries.

Challenge & Goals

Docrates provides the highest quality and personalized radiotherapy treatment plan for each patient. This preparation of the radiotherapy treatment plan can be time-consuming and varies individually. As the prime cancer center in the Nordics, Docrates faces great demands for cancer treatment from Finland, Sweden, and Russia. 

The patient-centric care model of Docrates focuses on giving each patient the best possible treatment as a whole, including radiotherapy. To fine-tune the planning and execution of the radiotherapy treatment process even further, the team decided to start utilizing AI software. The AI software enables oncologists to concentrate on the most critical planning tasks to personalize the radiation therapy while routine delineation is covered automatically.


There are many factors to take into account when creating the patient treatment plan. Some of the components included are the manual contouring of hundreds of images and dose predictions. To solve problems with the consistency and contouring speed, Docrates implemented the MVision AI’s software technology. Now Docrates’ oncology team has guideline-compliant, high-quality auto segmentation, and a timely radiotherapy treatment process. The new program boosts patients to receive their first dose of radiotherapy the same day of the initial CT. Docrates has also started using MVision’s services for prostate cancer patients.

Docrates Same Day Treatment MVision AI
Image source: Docrates Cancer Center


Currently, Docrates treats hundreds of patients with MVision’s services. Using a streamlined and patient-focused care path, Docrates has pushed the timeline even further, providing same-day radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients. In 2019, the first prostate cancer patient received immediate treatment on the same day after CT using the MVision Delineation. The MVision Delineation has changed Docrates radiotherapy treatment process by increasing the consistency of treatment and saving time each day for the whole oncology team. 

Docrates was motivated to begin using MVision’s services because the software is guideline-based, affordable, and easy to use. Docrates has overcome adversity, providing prime cancer treatment without delays during the pandemic. 

Timo Kiljunen, PhD, Adj. Prof., Hospital Physicist at Docrates said, “I have spoken to many colleagues in the field of medicine about how cancer treatment has increased the backlog of patients waiting to receive cancer treatment. Many hospitals throughout Europe and the world are overworked and unable to provide treatment to patients promptly. I am pleased to say that Docrates has been able to provide consistent, timely, and guideline compliant radiotherapy treatment both before and during the COVID 19 pandemic with the help of MVision AI.”

Timo Kiljunen, PhD, Adj. Prof., Hospital Physicist at Docrates same day treatment
Image source: Docrates Cancer Center

MVision AI values the partnership with Docrates greatly. MVision is glad to assist oncology hospitals throughout Europe, including Docrates, in providing state-of-the-art services in a timely manner. MVision AI looks forward to benefiting cancer patients globally, assisting in radiation treatment planning.

If you are interested in Docrates’ top-of-the-line services and expert cancer care treatment, visit Docrates’ company website. Visit Docrates’ contact page to learn more about remote and in-person consultations.  

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